Wisdom of Solomon

Have you ever wondered what affordable housing and New Urbanism might learn from Coco Chanel, George Balanchine, Duke Ellington and Otto Wagner’s architecture of Red Vienna?

Architect Daniel Solomon, FAIA has—and his rich 40-year career positively radiates with these kinds of energetic “mixed-use” connections between modernist ideals and distinctive humanistic design for the real world.

Solomon, one of the co-authors of the Charter of the New Urbanism , is a principal with Solomon E.T.C., a Wallace Roberts and Todd Company, a San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) Housing Hero Award-winner and the author of a passel of books on the built environment, including ReBuilding, Island Press’ Global City Blues and Cosmopolis.

One of the nation’s leading thinkers around improved design/quality for affordable housing, Solomon’s in town to give a talk at U of O’s Department of Architecture Lecture series at White Stag called“Round and Round the Block.”

Portlanders interested in urban puzzles like Old Town/China Town should pay special attention to his recently completed Broadway Family Apartments —an SF project seamlessly nestled between surrounding historic waterfront, the fragmented remnants of a demolished freeway, a Chinatown and the transitional North Beach neighborhood. Sound familiar?