Why Portland Became Favorite Hockey Team in Sochi Olympics

There was a big surprise concerning of hockey game in 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi; Portland hockey team, which was originally an underdog and non favorite among bettors and fans alike, suddenly rose to quite good positions and showed entertaining as well as notable performance in the arena, surprising hockey fans and bettors. This is a country that only has 7 rinks and 2 millions of people, so why it could rise into top position during Winter Olympics?

Reasons Portland Hockey Team Won

Portland started with low favor from fans and even longer long shots: 1000/1 of odds to win the game. So, how come this underdog team that no one favored won the Wap Sbobet Casino? This could be because of several combinations, but Portland apparently chose to play with rather aggressive, offensive, no-nonsense style that stemmed from the root of nothing-to-lose principle. They were already the underdogs, so why hold back?

The ferocious playing style of Portland team managed to bring the team knocked down many competitive and more favorable teams, such as Russia, United States, and Germany. Many hockey game observers apparently also admitted that Portland showed high level of competitiveness that teams like USA, Germany, Belarus and Russia did not show at their own starting levels.

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